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Aging In Place

"I want to continue to live safely in my own home"

This is a statement made by an ever-growing number of seniors and disabled citizens today faced with the question of relocation or continuing to live in their own homes safely and independantly. Our certified contractors and designers are certified "Aging-in-Place" specialists and can help you make staying in your home the safest and most affortable choice. 


In 2007, Chuck Tanner, CAPS (Certified Aging in Place Specialist), began making modifications to his 84 year old mother's home so she could remain living on her own. After performing similar modifications for seniors around Longmont, CO he underwent training to become a Certified Aging in Place Specialist. He realized that there was a growing population of people over 55 years of age that wanted to continue to live in their own homes, Age in Place.



The bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house, especially for seniors. More serious falls and deaths occur in this room with its hard surfaces combined with slippery, wet conditions. When we reach the age when climbing into a traditional bathtub is no longer safe, it’s time to make safe bathing changes. When we are facing a physical limitation, safe and independent bathing is just no longer possible in a conventional bathroom. Changes are needed yet some hold back out of fear it will look like a "hospital" or it will be cost prohibitive. That is no longer the case with our systems.


Walk-in Tubs/Barrier Free Showers are just two changes that can have an immediate impact on your safety, independents and comfort in your bathroom.Wouldn't you love to have a "Spa" type enviornment in your own home! 





In some cases, adding a stairlift can be the difference in staying in ones own home or having to move to another home. Sometimes, bedrooms and bathrooms are located on second stories. If there is not room or it is cost prohibitive to add such room additions to the main level; a stairlift can be just the answer. Allowing a person to navigate a stairway, safely without fear of falling.